M/K Express
Building A Foundation for Success

The supply chain-it's the foundation of most companies. It's how products are delivered to market and entails all the processes in between. M/K Express Company welcomes the opportunity to help your organization meet those supply chain demands. 

Whether it's assisting you by simply providing reliable deliveries, communicating real-time information, or developing complex logistics solutions-we're here to help.  You can count on us doing our part to help ensure your business is a success.         

About Us

M/K Express Company, LLC was founded in 1984 and originally started as a hauler of steel tubular products for one local customer.  Since then, we 've established numerous terminals and have developed strong partner relationships with literally thousands of quality carriers throughout the United States.

Our company has 48 state authority and utilizes many types of equipment to transport various commodities.  Please contact DeWitt Weldon at (724)-477-4319 with any questions regarding our service or capabilities.