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Serotonin: Why You Need It and How to Boost Levels Naturally

Serotonin: Why You Need It Do you know that serotonin plays a role in virtually all human behavioral processes? From your emotions to digestion and motor...

9 Popular Drugs Linked to Dementia and Memory Loss

9 Popular Drugs Linked to Memory Loss and Dementia As soon as you're taking a prescription medication, weighing the risks as well as benefits of...

Can Reduced Brain Activity Boost Longevity?

Can Reduced Brain Activity Boost Longevity A new study led by scientists Joseph Zullo and Derek Drake from Harvard Medical School indicates that the nervous...

Parents Agree: Healthy Child Care is a Top Priority

Every parent wants the best for their child, and ensuring they grow up in a healthy and nurturing environment is vital. Healthy child care...

Medical Technology: Its Role and Significance

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Progress in medical technology has allowed physicians to better diagnose and treat their patients since the beginning of the professional practice of medicine....

Interview With a Doctor Jaime Pardo MD – CMMB

Interview With a Doctor Dr. Jaime Pardo MD affectionately referred to as Dr. Jimmy by friends, colleagues, and patients started his journey with CMMB over...