Finding the Right Shoes and How it Benefits Your Health


Right Shoes

Right Shoes And Why It Is Important

Fashion may seem like a superficial aspect of our lives, yet there is no denying its importance. The clothes we wear give us a sense of confidence and contribute to our general well-being.


Vogue featured a psychologist who explained how what we wear is inextricably linked to our identity and psychological health.


There are other ways that our choice of clothing can impact health. Footwear, for example, is something that most people take for granted. However, the wrong pair can lead to all sorts of ailments that extend past one’s feet.


Getting the right pair of well-fitting shoes can be more beneficial to your health than you may think.

What Do Shoes Have to Do with Good Health?


As it turns out, there are a few scientific reasons why well-fitting shoes can benefit your health. It can prevent injuries like blisters and calluses, which can become very painful with continuous friction from wearing ill-fitting shoes.


Good shoes should also provide your ankles with stability and prevent injuries, like sprains, while protecting other parts of the foot, like your Achilles tendon, from too much stress. An ill-fitting shoe worn too often can even lead to back pain and posture issues.

How to Find the Right Shoes


Familiarize Yourself With The Size and Shape of Your Feet


Shoes should always fit your feet, never the other way around. Firstly, consider the width and length of your feet. 


Be sure not to get too narrow or too wide shoes as they can cause blisters and calluses. The toe box should be sufficiently high and wide to provide room for your toes to avoid bunions and hammertoes.


 Also, it would be good to familiarize yourself with your arch type. This part of your foot is made of ligaments and tendons that flex and spring to distribute your weight evenly across your feet. 


You may have neutral, low, or high-arched feet, and your shoe’s comfort level will depend on how the shoe fits, given your arch shape. 


Those with high arches will want to pay special attention to the shoes they wear to prevent conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, inflammation, or foot and ankle instability.


 Choose the Right Stores


Some stores sell better products than others. Once it comes to shopping for footwear, it is essential to choose quality rather than simply choosing convenience. However, one’s access to good stores may be limited, thereby reducing the chances of getting high-quality shoes.


Fortunately, there are alternative sources today, and many can be found online. Not only that, these online platforms offer more than just products as they can be an excellent source for advice and get the latest news.


If you’re looking for a particular pair of shoes, there are online sites that are not only dedicated to this type of footwear but even have an online community you can join, too. SoleSavy has a dedicated membership service that gives members access to a wide variety of footwear and the chance to go to exclusive events.


Members of the community can also interact with each other while building their network and collection simultaneously. It becomes easier to find the correct shoes (with the right fit) with this kind of knowledge and access, helping you make better choices for your health as well.


Replace Old or Worn Out Shoes


It’s important to recognize when to replace your shoe; otherwise, they can cause even more issues, despite feeling comfortable. One reason is that your shoes may no longer be providing enough support or shock absorption.


 Consider changing your shoes when the outsole is worn through. If you’re replacing exercise shoes, it’s best to do so once you’ve exceeded about 400 miles of walking or running in your current pair.


It’s an excellent habit to mark the date you bought your shoes, so you have a good idea of how far you’ve walked in them.


 After finding and choosing the right shoes, it’s important to remember to take care of your feet. Apart from ensuring that they are clean and dry at all times, you can also pamper yourself with a DIY Foot Detox Soak to relieve any pain or stress from walking or running around all day long. For more health and lifestyle tips, we have plenty of articles on MK Express.