How To Make Homemade Sugar Wax: Bonus 2 Commercial Products


Sugar Wax

Homemade Sugar Wax

If you’ve ever craved to try out sugar wax but don’t know where to start, we rounded up all you need to learn how to prepare it & employ it at home!

Sugar wax is a fully-natural wax that helps pull out your hair. Unlike alternative types of wax, we can create sugar wax in the warmth of our own homes with raw ingredients, sparing you the money and time you would have lost at the parlor.

There are many benefits to applying this unique wax, and we have got you covered on all you need to know, from how it’s made to how to use it, below.

What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is hair removal, primarily used in Egypt, believe it or not, and because it contains natural ingredients, it’s an excellent waxing alternative for people with delicate skin.

Sugar wax is less hurtful than ordinary wax as it takes out the hair from the root to the tip. However, it is suggested to employ sugar wax if you have more delicate hair, as dense hair comes out straightforward with ordinary wax.

Benefits of Homemade Sugar Wax

There are many benefits to sugar wax–the first one being that they produce it with genuine ingredients, so you know what you’re doing with your skin. The second benefit is that it’s good for susceptible skin because the elements will not provoke you.

The third benefit is that sugar wax harms slighter than ordinary wax as it thoroughly removes the hair from the root.

Even further, sugaring exfoliates your skin while pulling out hair, which alternative waxes do not do. So, after you apply sugar wax, you will see your hair seems exceptionally smoother.

Ingredients for preparing Sugar Wax

The ingredients for sugar wax cannot be plainer, and it will astound you when you discover out what is in it. The sole three components you require are:

– 1 cup white sugar

– 1/4 cup lemon juice

– 1/4 cup warm water

Steps to preparing Sugar Wax

Once you have all your ingredients at your hand, it’s a point to get to work.

1. “Put a medium-sized bowl on the heater and include all ingredients in the bowl.

2. “Bring the blend to a boil over high heat, often mixing to avert burning.

3. “After the blend bubbles, bring down to medium heat and proceed to whisk regularly.

4. “Get rid of the bowl from heat when the blend turns golden brown. The coherence of your sugar paste should be like warm syrup. If it’s thick like honey, warm it slightly longer.

5. “Transfer to a pot and let the paste cool for 30 minutes. The wax should still be warm but pleasant to handle.”

How to handle your handmade Sugar Wax

Like with ordinary wax, you are preparing for sugar wax is comparable. Early clean the area thoroughly. Then, softly shower some powder over the desired section. Afterward, implement the wax to the site while it’s still lukewarm.

Once the wax is dehydrated, easily peel it off in the same orientation as hair growth utilizing a fast motion. That is all. No wax strips, no cloth, simple the wax. How shocking is that?

Post-Waxing & aftercare

Like with any alternative wax, it is necessary to put on loose, breathable clothing after a wax, so you manage not to aggravate the skin. You can shower after but evade perspiration or drills as the sweat can likewise be irritating.

However, unlike ordinary waxes where you should fend off exfoliation when you’re finished, sugar wax demands exfoliation after the procedure. However, you must stay 24 hours before exfoliating.

It is vital to exfoliate the area you waxed after to avoid any ingrown hairs from appearing.

If you don’t feel comfortable creating your DIY sugar wax, have no fear because we brought together two great waxes you can investigate before you craft your formula.

The VEET Sugar Wax Hair Remover is an excellent choice, with over 50,000 positive comments on Amazon. It’s made with 99% pure ingredients and can be applied all over your body.

One cheerful consumer raved, “I got this for my lady parts because I have highly susceptible skin when it gets to shaving and waxing, specifically if it’s often—intense ingrown hairs and shaver burn.

I tried a minor spot initially and didn’t have any side effects, so I continued for the whole shebang. Allowed it on for 9 minutes. I was cleaned off with a warm washcloth, and boom, satiny smooth everywhere!

I would endorse layering it slightly thick, so it performs best at making all the hair. I had some subtlety afterward for a few hours but passed away rapidly, and it was nothing correlated to what I was dealing with after shaving.

Sincerely, I’ve investigated everything, and this is BY FAR the leading!”

Another excellent choice is Nad’s Sugar Wax Kitwith over 2,000 reviews. This kit involves no heat and comes with reusable cotton strips if you’re better relaxed by using those.

It’s 100% raw, and it even comes with an argan oil soap to shower your body with after waxing to avoid irritation. A delighted customer raved, “It’s straightforward to work with, removes the hair off efficiently, and is ultra-easy to clean up once done!

It’s indeed better than strip wax that consistently glues to my skin and doesn’t do what it should. It’s so truly easier than regular wax to clean up because it just dissolves in water. I clean the strips by rinsing them under warm water.

Even soap is not required. I have to place it in the microwave for a couple of seconds (not for too long, or it will require to cool before using it) to make sure it’s runny enough to be easy to spread.”

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