Obstacles To a Healthy Lifestyle And How To Overcome Them


Obstacles To a Healthy Lifestyle

Obstacles To a Healthy Lifestyle

These are the 13 most frequent obstacles to a healthy lifestyle excuses

With some planning, knowledge, and support, you can move past common obstacles and towards a healthy lifestyle.

I am too tired to work out. Eating healthy is too expensive. I’m so busy; I don·t have time to cook my meals. I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start on Monday.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably used or heard one of those excuses when faced to eat better and exercise more. And you probably had trouble sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

There are many common obstacles you may come up against as you start to make changes.

However, a bit of planning, knowledge, and support can move you past them toward a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t have time

Things can easily slip through the cracks with so much to do and little time to do it. 

This is one area where multitasking can come in handy. Typically, relationships are built and maintained by gathering around food and alcohol. Instead, consider this:

• Date nights can become date rides where you and your partner get out on your bicycles.

• Family day can include a five-kilometer run/walk for charity or miniature golf.

• Friendships can be centered around a hike or fitness class.

• Even your spiritual relationship can combine prayer and meditation with a walk-in nature.

I don’t have any support.

It might even feel like the people in your life are sabotaging your efforts. Those closest to you can be your most significant support, or they can damage your efforts without even knowing it.

The best thing you can do to gain support is to tell the people you interact with most often about making changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

It could be due to a person or a family health scare, to have more energy for your child/grandchild/pet, or it could be that you want to look good for an event being it a wedding, reunion, or holiday.

Whatever your reason, when you tell people why you want to be healthy, they are

more prepared to rally around you and even hold you accountable.

When we choose not to tell people why we are making changes, they can feel threatened. You are changing, and they may think that your relationship will suffer.

Reassure them that while your goal is indeed to change, you still care for them and want to spend time with them.

I want to do this on my own

Sometimes you are not looking for support. You want to keep your healthy lifestyle to
yourself until people notice your results.

This is a sure-fire way to fail. Even if you have strong willpower and self-discipline,
it’s hard to make changes on your own without support and accountability.

Friends and family can be your biggest supporters and accountability partners if you let them. They will cheer for you over victories and encourage you when you feel like giving up.

Again, the key is communication. Tell your close circle of friends and family why you are
doing this and ask for their help. They may help with meal planning or finding alternative activities.

They may even join you.

I’m too tired

Sometimes the obstacle in your way is fatigue. Life gets so busy you start to skip
your workouts.

If you haven’t planned, you are too tired to cook, and it’s easy to order a pizza or other quick takeaway meal.

This obstacle requires a closer look at the source of your fatigue. Are you sleeping at night? Is your calendar too full? When was the last time you took a holiday?

Sleep and nutrition are underestimated when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. The first step will be to assess your sleep. Can you go to bed early or sleep late?

As you bring more sleep into your life, next take a look at your nutrition. You’ll be surprised how effective home cooking is with your energy levels.

As sleep and nutrition improve, you’ll find you feel less tired of your workouts, which will give you more energy.

I’m too stressed

Stress shows up in our life daily. It comes from maJor life events and the cumulative build-up of everyday frustrations from living your life.

Start by monitoring your days, so you don’t burn the candle at both ends. Learn to say no to things that don ·t align with your priorities.

Guard your calendar as if your life depended on it. Your health certainly does.

Finally, find a way to bring more balance to your life with meditation, walks in nature, play, and just plain fun.

It’s too boring

If a healthy lifestyle is not fun for you, you just might be doing it wrong. Exercise can involve something you love, whether that’s cyc l ing, skiing, yoga, volleyball, or kayaking.

Healthy meals at home can also be fun with family and friends. Buffet style works great for an all-inclusive meal where guests can make and build their own.

Healthy food doesn’t taste as good.

Do you remember your first cup of coffee? How about your first drink of alcohol? Did you love it? Chances are, you had to acquire a taste for it over time.

Your taste buds get accustomed to what you eat. You can just as easily train your palate – and your mind – to like the taste of healthy food.

But I’ll lose all my friends.

The threat of losing your relationships because of your desire to live a healthy lifestyle boils down to two social dilemmas, people-pleasing, and food bullying.

You are more worried about social expectations and disappointing others than you are about disappointing yourself. At the end of the day, you have to face yourself in the
mirror and ponder whether you were true to yourself.

Remember, you can say No politely and firmly with a smile on your face. Let people
know that what they are offering doesn’t fit in with your current goals.

You can even turn things around by calmly and kindly asking your loved ones why your food choices are so important to them.

Food bullies want you to do what they’re doing and eat what they eat. It validates their lifestyle choices.

Remember, people are uncomfortable with change, which is the one thing you are trying to embrace. Communication is critical.

Explain your reasons for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, reassure them, be firm and offer another option to nurture the relationship.

I’m too social

Some jobs require networking and social events that revolve around food. Maneuvering this obstacle requires planning, preparation, and decision-making.

Decide ahead of time to skip alcohol, appetizers, or dessert. Review the menu and
make a plan to choose the healthiest option .

For the networking events, eat your healthy meal in advance and ask for water with
a slice of lime while you mingle.

I don’t know where to start.

It can be overwhelming to start something new. The key is to start small and build
in smaller habits that you can do with consistency. Maybe for you, it’s five minutes of daily walking.

Or taking one lunch hour to exercise each week. You could cut back on caffeine, sugar, or

You could add in a weekly family dinner where you make a healthier version of your favorite meal.

Small habits done with consistency are the key to starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

It’s too expensive

Have you ever added up what you spend on food, snacks, supplements, and drinks daily? It can be a real eye-opener.

Take the next two weeks and write down everything you buy and consume.

Include groceries, coffee, energy drinks, sports supplements, vending machine snacks,
even popcorn at the movies. Calculate what you are spending daily.

Then ask yourself, ·”Are my purchases supporting my desire for a healthier lifestyle?” Healthier foods may be more expensive, but if they provide you with better nutrients, you’ll find you have more energy and fewer cravings for Junk food.

As for exercise, you can walk, run, bike, ski, or swim with minimal equipment. A TRX suspension trainer is a great tool you can buy as a one-off and reap the benefits long-term.

YouTube can help you with tips on bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere, such as pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges.

But I deserve a reward.

You’ve been good all week, and you think, Just one biscuit. What you deserve is to feel
good in your body, your clothes, and your health.

Explore alternative ways to reward yourself, such as a massage, a new outfit, or
a trip to visit friends or family. These make a great goal and reward after a successful
month of healthy living.


The best time to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle is now. Someone in your life’s counting on you, whether it’s your partner, child, parent, co-worker, or best friend [including the four-legged ones!.

Maybe, you are counting on yourself. You desire to live your best, healthiest life with freedom in your body, your clothes, and your life.

Seize this very moment to make a small, consistent change toward a healthier lifestyle.

Grab a glass of water and hydrate your cells. Take a few minutes to stretch or get outside for a walk. Even five minutes can make a difference. You are worth it.