Dacryphilia Is What? Find Answer Here




Dacryphilia, a non-normative sexual desire that involves pleasure or arousal from crying and tears, has not been empirically researched.

Some people are turned on by their tears, while others get kicks when they see another person cry. The emotional release of crying can also turn people on.

Dacryphilia is a sexual kink or fetish that’s outside of typical sexual behavior. It’s not often covered because people aren’t comfortable talking about sexual behavior outside of the “normal” norm.

As more people share their experiences, researchers are beginning to understand this preference.

Dacryphilia could be a form of humiliation under the pain, restriction, and servitude spectrum of BDSM. For example, a dominant might verbally abuse the submissive to elicit a tearful response.

A dominant might torture the submissive to make them cry during a painful scene. Dacryphilia, a form of sadism, can be described as a form of dacryphilia.

Dacryphilia is a psychological phenomenon that the cause of the behavior can control the receiver’s psychological responses.

This power-play can be enjoyed as a form of pleasure and, for some, even sexual arousal. Passive dacryphilia is a third party that also enjoys watching an individual in emotional distress.

This is usually caused by the scening dominant. However, the reasons do not limit the pleasure. A person may also enjoy the tears of others.