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Bulimia nervosa - MKexpress.net

Warning Signs of Bulimia Nervosa (Plus, 4 Healing Methods)

Eating disorders are a real problem, especially among girls and women. In fact, according to research in the New York Times, 95 percent of...
What is the Human Microbiome

What is the Human Microbiome and Importance for your Health

What is the Human Microbiome Most of us bring to mind bacteria within the body as being a cause of getting ill or perhaps developing...
Noni juice - MKexpress.net

Noni Juice: The Superfruit Beverage that Boosts Immunity

While lesser known than “superfruits” like acai berry or pomegranate, noni is a fruit that’s earned its name as a superfood due to its...
Natural remedies for anxiety - MKexpress.net

Anxiety Natural Remedies: 15 Ways to Relax & Find Calm

Anxiety Natural Remedies Anxiety can be a disabling condition that’s accompanied by long-term stress and a decline in overall health. It contributes to many chronic diseases, even...
Chemical Peel Benefits

Chemical Peel Benefits and the Types to Consider

Chemical Peel Benefits Are you thinking of seeing the physician for a chemical method peel? You are probably wondering if there is some proof that this...

Taro Root Top 5 Benefits (Plus How to Add It to...

Taro Root is a tropical root vegetable that's featured in restaurants around the world. Along with supplying dishes using a pop of color, also, it...

Can Emotions Lower Inflammation? 5 Ways to Get Those Emotions

Could experiencing a range of positive emotions improve your health and reduce disease risk? According to a recent study, yes, certain emotions lower inflammation …...

Natural Blackhead Removal Options That Won’t Damage Your Skin

Natural Blackhead Removal Do you struggle with the mild form of acne known as blackheads? If the answer is “yes,” you’re not alone. Blackheads are...

Acerola Cherry: the Trending Vitamin C-Rich Fruit

If you’re looking to increase your intake of vitamin C, you may be wondering which fruits are the best to eat. While fruits, including...

The Best Elder Care Safety Products and Care For The Elderly

Best Elder Care Safety Products The American population is rapidly aging. In fact, a recent article published by the United States Census Bureau mentioned that...

Seasonal Allergies: 4 Ways to Soothe Seasonal Allergies

4 Ways to Soothe Seasonal Allergies Seasonal Allergies, Sniffling, sneezing, and red, watery eyes? Yep, it's allergy season. "Allergies are an immune reaction to a foreign...

Maltitol: Do the Side Effects Outweigh the Benefits?

If you’re looking at the ingredient label of many “sugar-free” baked goods or sweets, you may see maltitol, a sugar alcohol that’s commonly added...

Heartburn Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Heartburn Symptoms, Causes & Treatments Heartburn, sometimes called acid gastritis, is probably the most popular GERD symptom (gastroesophageal reflux disease). It usually feels like a burning...

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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water: Benefits and Risks and What is Water pH Level

Alkaline Water Benefits and Risks There seem to be numerous claims of health benefits of Alkaline Water. One group of people tend to the idea...
Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise: Types, Benefits, and Weight Loss

What is aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise is a moderately intense physical activity, which improves your cardiorespiratory fitness and your overall health. Aerobic exercise counts as a...
Embolism Definition Medical

Embolism Definition Medical: 7 Life Threatening Symptoms

Embolism Definition Medical When a blood clot appears inside a blood vessel, it is called a thrombus, and when the clot travels or blocks circulation...
Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s Disease: 5 Ways to Naturally Manage Huntington’s Disease

g  You’ve most likely heard of disorders like A.L.S., Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, but you may not have heard about an equally tragic condition called...
Health-benefits of Positivity

Health-benefits of Positivity + Positivity Exercises to Strive

Spending time with positive, instead of negative, folks is not only more pleasing -- the company that you keep has profound implications when it...
Sorrel: Leafy Greens that Fight Everything from Canker Sores to Cancer

Sorrel: Leafy Greens that Fight Everything from Canker Sores to Cancer

I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't had sorrel before because it's not nearly as commonplace as many other greens. If you lived in the...
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