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Tai Chi

Tai Chi: Basic Tai Chi Practice And Purpose

Tai Chi DEFINITION Tai chi, otherwise known as tai chi chuan or taiji, is a form of mind/body exercise that developed in China about the twelfth...
Blue Light Effects on Sleep

Blue Light Effects on Sleep and How to Limit Exposure

Blue Light Effects on Sleep By now you’re probably aware that using electronics — such as your phone, laptop, or tablet — during the hours...
Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts: The Manganese-Rich Reward

Macadamia Nuts While almonds may be America’s most popular nut, no one can deny the delicious appeal of macadamia nuts. This is a good thing...
Allicin The Beneficial Compound

Allicin The Beneficial Compound that Makes Garlic So Healthy

Allicin The Beneficial Compound Plants might appear defenseless in terms of preventing insects, rodents, and other predators, but they possess a secret weapon: musty scents and...
Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise: Types, Benefits, and Weight Loss

What is aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise is a moderately intense physical activity, which improves your cardiorespiratory fitness and your overall health. Aerobic exercise counts as a...

Allergy Tests: 6 Possible Full Symptoms To Expect

Allergy Tests About 1 in 5 people have allergies to things they breathe in, eat, or touch. That works out to about 50 million people...

Anti-Cancer Diet: 6 Steps How to Eat

While we’ve done articles about cancer-causing foods that you want to make sure you’re NOT eating, I wanted to discuss some simple Anti-Cancer-Diet solutions you...

World Happiness Report: Where Does the U.S. Rank?

World Happiness Would you quantify happiness among people? The report, first printed in 2012 from the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, rankings 156 states based...

Mediterranean Diet Benefits for Your Health

   Not only is the Mediterranean diet a tasty way to eat, drink and live, but it’s also a realistic and sustainable way to reduce disease-causing...

Alternative THERAPIES The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Alternative THERAPIES Alternative Therapies, from homeopathy to hypnotherapy, we look at some well-known alternative therapies and medicines — revealing which can work and which to...

Iceberg Lettuce: Healthy Leafy Green or Nutrient-Poor Filler?

      Iceberg lettuce is also a very standard yet controversial component. Even though people use it for sandwiches and salads, also, it has attracted criticism from nutrition-conscious...

Antepartum Testing Information And Purpose

Antepartum Testing Antepartum testing is a series of tests performed at the end of pregnancy to confirm fetal well-being. These tests are based on...

Diabetes: Diabetes Type 1 And 2 Symptoms

DIABETES  Diabetes is not a single illness but rather a range of diseases in which the body either does not create enough insulin or cannot...

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Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation + How to Get Started

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Apps that provide guided meditations have quickly become some of the most downloaded apps in the world. According to the Wall Street...
Cerebral Palsy Life Expectancy

Cerebral Palsy Life Expectancy and Natural Treatments

Cerebral Palsy Life Expectancy Lots of parents have worries about the life expectancy of the kid with cerebral palsy. Life expectancy describes the typical survival time...
Right Shoes

Finding the Right Shoes and How it Benefits Your Health

Right Shoes And Why It Is Important Fashion may seem like a superficial aspect of our lives, yet there is no denying its importance. The...
Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek Oil: 7 Healthy Benefits Of Fenugreek

Fenugreek Fenugreek has been considered one of humanity's oldest medicinal plants. Fenugreek oil is made from the seeds of this plant and can be...
Maskne - MKexpress.net

Maskne Face Acne Due to Wearing a Mask

What's Maskne Face Acne? The scientific term for maskne is acne mechanical, Maskne Face Acne It is a particular form of acne that is triggered by...
How to Lower Blood Pressure

How to Lower Blood Pressure: 5 Natural Ways

How to Lower Blood Pressure Studies done over the past 20 years have shown that the majority of people in economically developing countries have blood...

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