Shedding Neurology: Myth or Science Probability


Shedding Neurology

Shedding Neurology

Have you ever heard of this Term? It may sound like some sci-fi forged procedure or even disease.

Well, If these thoughts came across your mind, you were not far off. Shedding Neurology suggests that Human consciousness can be changeable, and one could select another to put instead in your mind.

Like computer software that can be anything or certain modifications can be done,

some movies even went further, pitching the idea of transferring human consciousness to another host body, whether artificially grown or stolen from another human person.

While this idea may sound ludicrous, recent scientific research claims it is not beyond theoretical possibility.

Scientific opinion on Shedding Neurology

Dr. Charles Higgins: To set it inside a nutshell, since approximately 1987, I’ve been keen on attempting to understand precisely how it’s that brains work; essentially, in a similar way, we see how computers work. Therefore, trying to place minds in some combination with robots,

I’m working on numerous fronts. One is, I’m operating with insect brains, trying to see the way their fundamental roles work and find the way to increasingly complex brains.

Computers are great at crunching numbers as well as making fast calculations.

Brains are great at visual recognition plus auditory recognition. If you can get the very best of both worlds, which is fantastic, and the simplest way to accomplish that will be to engineer one thing genetically.

For instance, with individuals with brain injuries, you can often see personality changes.

Thus, it does not appear like there’s a soul, that is, that individual inhabiting the body.

When your [body] does not function any longer, you’re still the same individual, but it appears to make a unique person when there’s harm to the brain.

That implies, in principle, anything you wish to call it, the person, the consciousness of yours, info and knowledge, the experience of yours, is all kept in a design of interconnections in mind; therefore, you could read it out and put it someplace.

Thus, it might be info in some form. Although we do not know how it’s organized or perhaps at what level, we will have to read it out there.

There are known cases with a specific body part transplanted from another person such as a heart, liver, kidney to suddenly develop a taste for a particular food or beverage or even develop new skills.

That can mean that body has some sort of holographic imprint with memory in each cell.

Even though not part of the same system, that organ from another person carries its host memory to another host who receives the organ.

Some people claim to be or have been part of a unique secret government test project. Having visited other planets and lived for many years beyond the average human life span.

They say that once their body got injured in combat, they would receive special treatment to enable the severed limb to grow back.

It was similar to some lizards that have this capability of auto regeneration.

In case they got killed, their consciousness would be selected for a transfer to a new clone body while their original body would go thru the process of incineration.

All these claims, whether real or just figment of imagination, have a Shedding Neurology trait.


Shedding Neurology, while still being science fiction, at least to us ordinary people, seems to be something that we cannot reject as totally implausible.

Our Brains are still a mystery for the most part, although science has made significant improvements in understanding brain functions.

It remains for us to see where this will go in the future decades ahead of us.