What The World’s Fittest Women Eat


What The World's Fittest Women Eat

What The World’s Fittest Women Eat

When your looks are your livelihood. eating becomes a KPI. We bailed up this fitness
and bikini model to find out just what it takes to be as chiseled as a classical statue.

(Answer: a frighteningly strict diet and a heap of hard gym yards.)

Why I Eat What I Eat

As a general rule of thumb. I believe we should eat as Whole organic, natural, and free-range as possible. Paleolithic is an excellent dietary style, and I practice Paleo Light: I try my best to eat an all-natural hunter and gatherer diet. Eating mostly
chicken. fish, nuts, legumes, and vegetables

The more genetically modified our food is. The worse it Will be for us. Mass-produced meat and dairy Often have estrogen injected into it, and that estrogen tells our bodies to store more fat. I believe that pesticides and cheap packaging can also cause the body to keep the extra weight.

Why I Eat HOW I Eat

I believe the old saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

Breakfast should be our largest meal to kickstart the metabolism and should happen as soon as possible after waking up (unless you are practicing carb-depleted cardio). Then I eat five more small meals per day.

The aim is to keep my metabolism revved up but not giving my body too much food at once for it to store as fat. I do not eat carbs in the second half of the day because carbs are brain food and fuel for energy.

If I am not working mentally or physically, why do I need carbs to relax and watch television? Veggies are my only carbs in the evening.

My Day on a Plate

7 am

Take L-carnitine matrix mixed with water for carb-depleted low-intensity cardio. L-carnitine is a supplement that aids the body in target fat as its fuel during cardio. I do low-intensity cardio while my stomach is empty to avoid losing muscle while maximizing my fat loss ratio using my fatty acid oxidative energy systems – either incline walking or interval training.

8 am

If I am not doing cardio, I will have a vegetable omelet wrapped in a small wholegrain tortilla. Your best meal of the day should be breakfast. This is when I get my carbs in or immediately after a workout.

If I have done cardio, I have a hard-boiled egg or five to eight almonds with an isolate whey protein shake mixed with 60ml of unsweetened almond milk and 125ml of water. This lean protein is fast-acting and helps to ward off hunger.

10-11 am

I have a rice cake with almond butter; it gives me something to run on between clients.

12 pm

I take a pre-workout powder with two-plus liters of water to help maximize the benefits of weight training. Pre-workout powders help to increase energy and blood flow.

2 pm

After training, I have a spinach salad with cucumber, shredded carrots, red onion, chickpeas, egg, and a little bit of vinaigrette. I can almost feel my body thanking me for the carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals needed after the hard workout.

Protein takes the longest for your body to break down. It is good to get a little bit of carbohydrate with your lean protein to give your body something immediately, ideally sweet potatoes or vegetables. I will often take fish oil and BCAA Branched Cain Amino Acids, a supplement to aid in my muscle and joint recovery.

5 pm

I will have a small snack of low sodium hummus with green peppers or Greek yogurt with shaved or crushed almonds to feel like I have granola without all the carbohydrates. This little snack holds me over until my small dinner when I get home.

7 pm

Once I am done with clients for the day, this is my last opportunity to eat three hours before I go to bed. I believe dinner should be our smalled and leanest meal of the day, and I usually opt for a lean chicken breast or white fish with a variety of vegetables.

So this is What The World’s Fittest Women Eat